Sunday, August 5, 2012


Day 23 – 04Aug2012

The flight home is harder than the flight there.  It seems longer…

Luckily, Amy and I have not had any major hiccups on the way home.  The airline didn’t have our seats reserved when we arrived at the airport in Delhi though.  I guess that because our flights were so crazy on the way to India, something went screwy in the system.  Apparently our travel agency had been refunded the money for our return trip and our tickets were cancelled…but they called them and it all got worked out.  It was a stressful few minutes there at the beginning.  I probably would have cried.  I said a little prayer and it all worked out. 

London’s security is crazy (probably because of the Olympics), but we made our connection.  I’m writing this blog in a word document on the flight from London to Dallas.  This is a LONG flight.  I’ve been in this limbo state of being asleep, but not really asleep.  I’m hungry.  Airplane food is even worse than eating curry for three weeks.  I want a cheeseburger. ;)

I made it through all of the flights and landed safely in SLC around 11:00pm.  I said my goodbyes to all of my new friends and met my mom at the curb.  Salt Lake feels cold in comparison to India.  My mom let me stop for a cheeseburger from In-N-Out.  I actually took a long deep sniff of it before I ate it.  Amazing.  I’ve missed beef.  I enjoyed seeing my dog, Zoe.  I missed her.  It was great to see my parents too!  I’ve been pretty much quarantined from the rest of my family due to my lice…sad day.

I did another lice treatment when I got home.  I only found three teeny tiny buggers.  My mom still won’t let me bring my luggage in from the garage though…not until everything has been washed.

I fell asleep easily, but woke up early.

Good to be home.  God bless America.

Day 23 – Complete

India Complete

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  1. Such an interesting post to read. Today while strolling at a mall I was fascinated with this cheese top burger