Wednesday, June 13, 2012

The Last Hoorah for Fundraising

Here's the deal people...

I have 3 days to raise as much money as I possibly can for this cause.  My fundraising has not gone as well as I'd hoped, but I still have 3 days.  A lot can happen in 3 days.

Rising Star Outreach (RSO) has a mission - "To help the Leprosy colonies become thriving, self-sufficient communities."

They do this by four main initiatives:

  • Economic rehabilitation through micro-lending.
  • Providing medical care through mobile medical clinics.
  • Educating children; providing opportunities to become productive citizens.
  • Creating life-long humanitarians by providing service opportunities for volunteers.
Watch this video for more information:

Imagine this, you contract a curable disease.  If you're already married, you and your family are forced to move into a colony with other people who have the disease.  You are not allowed to work.  Your children are not allowed to attend school.  You and your children are forced to beg on the streets.  Until...

Rising Star Outreach.

Rising Star Outreach gives you a chance. Rising Star helps you and your family become financially stable.  Rising Star's volunteers provide medical care to you and your loved ones.  Rising Star's volunteers teach your children, enabling them to become educated, successful adults.  Rising Star gives and your family hope.  

As a volunteer, I will be serving these people for 3 weeks.  Rotating between building schools, bathrooms, homes, etc. in the colonies, providing medical care to those afflicted with leprosy, and teaching the children in the colony schools.  

Is this not a good cause?

Please, please...find it in your hearts to help someone in need.  Realize for one second that you live a privileged life.  

Please donate.

Watch this too:

Go to  Click "Donate Now." 
Under "Volunteer Partners," enter my name and the amount you wish to donate.

ANY amount helps...

Thank you!